In English context, I go by the mononym Ritsuka ([ɾiꜜtsɯ̥ka] LI-ts-ka).

I publish under the name K. Ritsuka. Until 2023, I published under a different name. If you cite me, please cite me as K. Ritsuka, even if the publisher has not made the change.

The name Ritsuka refers to xià [en], a Solar Term that signifies the beginning of summer according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The name is pronounced as a Japanese given name りつかri tsu ka instead of as the original Chinese word of the solar term.

IPA symbol Description
ɾ American atom, or less accurately lie
i meet
ts cats
ɯ̥ whispered shoot (almost too short and quiet to be audible)
k skate
a father

What does K. stand for?

It stands for Kagurazaka (ぐらざか).

Chinese Name

In Chinese context, I go by 「yànyúnshān」. Please do not Romanize this name.

Have Been Known as

  • Richard Ean (previously published as)
  • R. Yan, on p. 247 in
    Christos G. Cassandras and Stéphane Lafortune. Introduction to Discrete Event Systems. 3rd Edition. Springer Nature, 2021. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-72274-6
  • Yunshan Yan